Friday 11th December 2020
Jay Dhillon & Johnny Nelson

"Failure is common to most people, but there are ways and things that you can do to avoid it." In today's episode of The Business Mentor podcast, Jay interviews Former undefeated WBO World Champion boxer and serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist, Johnny Nelson. Together they discuss what it takes to be successful and how to elevate your personal and business life in this enthralling episode.


Quitting should never be a habit when you face challenges. You have to keep on putting even more effort in and look at the challenge at a different angle and try to solve it because quitting does not mean that challenges are over.

Lack of discipline makes a lot of people fail in their lives. Success is not easy to achieve, if your focus is to attain a particular goal in your life, you have to be very disciplined, such that nothing can derail you from achieving your purpose.

Habit is everything. Make it a habit to do that thing that helps you achieve your goals. Once your thirst is quenched by achieving your goals, you need to find a new motivation to make your calendar stay there.

Wisdom is something that is achieved over time. You have to go through good and bad experiences to know how to manoeuvre through challenges that come your way.

The upbringing of someone is very crucial to what they become later on in their lives and if someone is brought up with a very good foundation, he or she will probably be a very significant or successful person in society.

For you to succeed you have to have mentors who have the foresight and understanding and selflessness to help you. They help you find comfort in discomfort, by believing in you more than you even believe in yourself and once you are comfortable in those situations, you can do anything you can to achieve anything.

Keep the negativity out of your mind and keep the negative people far away from you if you want to succeed in life. Never listen to what negative people say to you, but keep pushing on because if you do, you are the fool and not them.


"Some people are born knowing their path in life, others fall upon their path in life and some it's forced upon them."

 "If you create good habits, they will affect every aspect of your life."

"If you knock about with idiots, you've got more chances of being an idiot."

 "Ego is our biggest downfall as human beings."

 "You can always remember the truth, you can't remember a lie."

 "Success breeds success."


Hard Road to Glory by Johnny Nelson


Johnny is an established pundit, event host and motivational speaker, and a former undefeated WBO World Champion boxer. He is a proud patron of the Brendan Ingle Foundation and an ambassador for Prostate Cancer.

A successful and engaging event host, he has worked with several companies, individuals and charities both in the UK and globally.

He has interviewed some of the biggest names in sport throughout his career including Mike Tyson, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury. Regularly contributing to and supporting podcasts, Johnny love's broadcast and is a passionate storyteller.

Prior to Sky Sports, he has also worked for the BBC across human interest stories and documentaries. He is passionate about motivational speaking with experience ranging from schools and boxing clubs through to UK prisons.

Alongside his love of boxing, Johnny is also passionate about health & fitness, cooking and music. In March 2020 he launched his first online fitness programme, encouraging people of all ages to #FindAWay to get active and exercise