Like many of us I had a passion for business and during my childhood years I would sell car stereos to make additional income. However, my true business journey started at 23 when I was frustrated working within the corporate world and having a 9-5 Job. I entered into the highly competitive business Industry of recruitment and quickly I realised why this was one of the toughest industries.

From staffing, scaling, sleepless nights, losing and winning large contracts this taught me many lessons during the 10 years I ran the company. One of the key reasons I was able to build the business into a £multimillion business asset and sell at the age of 33, was the advice of my mentors and having a clear direction and plan. I have created this plan for you to download on the homepage, so you can also start mapping your business journey and turn your business into an asset.

You can read my full business Journey media article using the link below or watch the my story video.

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