Tips for Starting a Business

Tips for Starting a Business

Tuesday 15th September 2020

"The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Mark Twain
Sounds simple in hindsight, but just how many people have given in to fear of responsibility and the risks involved in starting a business? An awful lot! And quite frankly, they're all just excuses! It's important to listen to your gut feeling, but rather than let a problem hold you back, why not seek the necessary solutions and actually get started?! With the right knowledge and advice, you're already ahead of those who give up before they get started, but with perseverance, you can be truly unstoppable.

Test the market

Imagine you have an exciting and unique idea, you get the wheels in motions and your product finally becomes a reality. Only, your product then doesn't sell. You've done the marketing, you've sunk all of your money into it, but no-one's coming to buy it. It's one of the key mistakes entrepreneurs make - not testing the market. It's important to know your audience and to know who's coming to buy your product when it's out there. Thanks to the internet and social media, you can do that with Facebook or LinkedIn groups, online surveys and direct mailing. Once you have the results, only then put your time, energy and resources into marketing and creating this product.

Be passionate

It's a key ingredient for a successful business idea. Had Steve Jobs or Bill Gates lacked their enthusiasm, gave up following a bad pitch or when the first obstacle arose, it'd be a completely different story. But it was their continued passion and determination that made them the success giants they are. If you've got an idea, know you're passionate about it - don't approach it half-heartedly. Once you've tested the market and you know people out there will buy your product, let the passion push you to keep going.