Are you looking to take advantage of one of the fastest growing types of media? Do you want to capture worldwide audiences, create content, and interview without having to use cameras or expensive equipment? Podcast listeners have grown 24% in the last year and, in the UK alone, we have 7.1 million listeners. Jay started his podcast journey in 2018 and in the last two years, he has achieved massive results - from achieving number 1 for the 'Business Mentor Podcast" on Apple Podcasts, interviewing major influencers such as Grant Cardone, Patrick Bet-David, to building his Business Mentor Academy and obtaining paid podcast sponsors. The Masterclass will Cover :

- Jay's launch formula that got him to no. 1 on Apple Podcasts
- Getting global recognition with a worldwide audience.
- How Jay landed international guests, such as Grant Cardone
- How Jay got his sponsors and opportunities by just being a podcaster
- How to create content for your podcast - just an hour a week
- How to create the right branding from the start and position your podcast
- How to use your podcast to be the expert and gain authority in your industry
- How to edit your own podcast within an hour (Jay will give you live training on how to do this)
- How to share your podcast on social media (without having to create videos and blogs)
- How to monetise your brand, service, and products without selling
- Jay's lessons on 1000s wasted on unnecessary equipment you just don't need when podcasting

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